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Central Banking and Financial Policy has expanded SIPAs graduate curriculum in monetary policy and prudential regulatory policies with the addition of a central banking focus area MPA program in Economic Policy Management. New courses on financial regulations, stability monitoring, macroprudential policy, unconventional monetary policy, and others.

Curriculum Additions

New Focus Area
Added Central Banking and Financial Markets Focus Area to the MPA-EPM, MPA and MIA programs
New Courses
INAF U6093 - Comprehensive Financial Sector Policy (1.5 points) | Nobuchika Mori
INAF U6094 - Reining in the Big Banks: Supervision and Regulation  (1.5 points)  |  Christine Cumming
INAF U6095 - Financial Regulation  (3 points)  |  Willem Buiter and Ann Seibert
INAF U6098 - Risk Management and Policy  (3 points)  |  Allan Malz
INAF U6862 - Unconventional Monetary Policy  (3 points)  |  Patricia Mosser
PEPM U8250 - Financial Development in Emerging Economies  (3 points)  |  Alain Ize and Augusto de la Torre
PEPM U8310 - Financial Stability Monitoring  (1.5 points)  |  Christine Cumming
PEPM U8312 - Macroprudential Policy and Regulation in Emerging Markets  (1.5 points)  |  Liliana Rojas-Suarez
Capital Markets and Treasury Operations  (Executive Education)