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Alumni Placements


Matt Harrington Amazon Applied Scientist
Claire Palandri Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago Postdoctoral Research Associate
Charles Taylor

(2022) UC Berkeley's Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

(2023) Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Postdoctoral Scholar

Assistant Professor

Past Placements

  • Raimundo Atal

    Sandra Aguilar

    New York University, Department of Environmental Science

    Chile California Council

    Universidad de los Andes, Department of Economics

    Visiting Associate Professor
    Independent Researcher

    Assistant Professor

    Sandra Baquie

    World Bank, Young Professionals Program (YPP)

    Zhihan Cui

    Behavioral Decision Making, UCLA

    Post-Doctoral Scholar
    Josephine Gantois

    (2021) Working to Restore Connectivity and Sustainability Research Group, University of British Columbia

    (2023) University of British Columbia, Institute for Resources, Environment, and Sustainability and Food and Resource Economics Program

    (2021) Post-Doctoral Scholar

    (2023) Assistant Professor

    Xueting (Sherry) Wang Christensen Associates, Energy Consulting Economist
  • Ruiwen Lee PhD'20 Environmental Market Solutions Lab, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara Research Scientist
    Anouch Missirian PhD'20

    Toulouse School of Economics

    Assistant Professor
    Ana Varela PhD'20

    Amsterdam School of Economics of the University of Amsterdam

    Assistant Professor
  • Mehdi Benatiya
    Andaloussi PhD 19
    International Monetary Fund Economist
    Densye Dookie PhD'19 Grantham Research Institute for Climate Change& the Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science Research Officer
    Tim Foreman PhD '19 Qatar Centre for Global Banking & Finance, King’s Business School, King’s College London Research Associate
    Jason Wong PhD'19 Occidental College, Department of Economics Assistant Professor
    Alice Zhang PhD'19 Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics at Washington and Lee University

    Assistant Professor

  • Francis Annan PhD'18 UC Berkeley, Department of Agriculture & Resource Economics Assistant Professor
    Eugenie Dugoua PhD'18 London School of Economics, Geography and Environment Assistant Professor in Environmental Economics
    Jaehyun Jung PhD'18 Korea Institute of Public Finance Associate Fellow
  • Kayleigh B. Campbell PhD'17 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Senior Transportation Economist
    Anthony D'Agostino PhD'17 Mathematica Policy Research Researcher
    Eyal Frank PhD'17 University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy Assistant Professor
    Stephanie Lackner PhD'17 School of Global and Public Affairs & Economics, Instituto de Empresa (IE University) Assistant Professor
    Kimberly Lai Oremus PhD'17 University of Delaware, College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment Assistant Professor
    Ruinan (Kate) Liu PhD'17 Bain & Company, Shanghai Senior Manager
    Geoff McCarney PhD'17

    University of Ottawa, School of Int'l Development & Global Studies; The Smart Prosperity Institute
    & the Institute of the Environment

    Assistant Professor and Director of Research
    Steffen Bixby AQR Capital Management ESG Vice President
  • Aaron Baum PhD'16 Waymark Analytics and Economics Lead
    Pablo Egaña del Sol PhD'16 Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Assistant Professor
    Habtamu Fuje PhD'16 International Monetary Fund Economist
    Jan Von der Goltz PhD'16 World Bank Economist
    Xiaojie Zhang PhD'16 McKinsey and Company Engagement Manager
  • Belinda Archibong PhD'15 Barnard College, Economics Department Assistant Professor
    Prabhat Barnwal PhD'15 Michigan State, Economics Department Assistant Professor
    Marion Dumas PhD'15 London School of Economics, Grantham Research Institute Assistant Professorial Research Fellow

    James Rising PhD'15

    Tse-Ling Teh PhD'15

    University of Deleware, Earth, Oceans and Environment 


    Assistant Professor

    Principal Consultant

    Semee Yoon PhD'15 Yonsei University, Sustainable Development and Cooperation at Underwood International College
    and the Graduate School of International Studies
    Assistant Professor

    Nan Zhong PhD'15

    Xiamen University, Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics Assistant Professor
  • Amir Jina PhD'14 University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy Assistant Professor
    Booyuel Kim PhD'14 Seoul National University, Graduate School of Environment Associate Professor
    Mark Orrs PhD'14 Colorado School of Mines, Department of Engineering, Design & Society Associate Teaching Professor
    Anna Tompsett PhD'14 Stockholm University, Department of Economics Assistant Professor
  • Xiaojia Bao PhD'13 Xiamen University, Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics Assistant Professor
    Kyle Meng PhD'13 UC Santa Barbara, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management Department of Economics Associate Professor
    Nicole Ngo PhD'13 University of Oregon, Planning, Public Policy, and Management Associate Professor
  • Jesse Anttila-Hughes PhD'12 University of San Francisco, Department of Economics Associate Professor
    Geoff Chi-Johnston PhD'12 Cruise Senior Staff Tech Lead Manager
    Aly Sanoh PhD'12 The World Bank Economist
  • Saifedean Ammous PhD'11 saifedean.com Founder and CEO
    Ram Fishman PhD'11 Tel-Aviv University, Public Policy Senior Lecturer
    Solomon Hsiang PhD'11 UC Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy Associate Professor
    Chandra Krishnamurthy PhD'11 Swedish Agricultural University, Department of Forest Economics Associate Professor
    Gordon McCord PhD'11 UC San Diego School of Global Policy and Strategy Associate Teaching Professor and Associate Dean
    Anisa Khadem Nwachuku PhD'11 UNDP - United Nations Devlopment Progamme Senior COVID-19 Strategy Advisor
    Jose Orihuela PhD'11 Catholic University of Peru, Department of Economics Associate Professor
    Marta Vicarelli PhD'11 University of MA, Amherst, School of Public Policy & Department of Economics Assistant Professor
  • Jessica Barnes PhD'10 University of South Carolina, Department of Geography; Earth Ocean and Environment Associate Professor
    Lily Parshall Wachter PhD'10 Fresno Chaffee Zoo Chief Financial Officer
  • Margaret MacLeod PhD'09 US Department of State Foreign Service Officer
  • Daiju Narita PhD'08 Univeristy of Tokyo, Graduate Program in Environmental Science Associate Professor