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Faculty Scholarship and Thought Leadership 

Questions of inequality, discrimination, race, and their interplay with democratic values are not new, but they have taken on increased urgency in recent months and years. The research and commentary of SIPA experts shines a light on complicated issues like these—new in some ways, enduring in others—helping to explain not only what's happening now but also how societies worldwide can move forward in a positive and just way. Below is a sampling of recent research and commentary:

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SIPA’s curriculum constantly evolves to reflect some of the most important and challenging issues of our day. Our global, interdisciplinary perspective embraces questions of racial and gender equality, economic equity, social justice, and related matters of public policy. With new courses and Capstone workshops added every semester, SIPA combines training in analytical methods and practical management skills to ensure that graduates are prepared to understand problems and implement solutions.


Alumni and Student Dialogue

Headshot of Angeline Lee

“As we work to dismantle white supremacy and cultural bias, we must explore how Western binary definitions of race, gender, sexuality, class, and power affect those who rely on technologies developed in the West.”

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Angeline Lee MPA ’21

Gender & Tech Fellow, Localization Lab

Headshot of Karine

“There’s a community, and it’s really important to have a community to make sure you’re taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally, because the fight is real. And it’s hard.”

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Karine Jean-Pierre MPA ’03

Lecturer, Columbia SIPA