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As an MIA or MPA student you can choose from more than 1,000 classes offered by SIPA and other Columbia graduate schools.

SIPA Bulletin and courses

The SIPA Bulletin has up to date information on SIPA courses, registration, and academic requirements and policies. Use the SIPA Bulletin to search for SIPA courses.

All Columbia courses

Vergil has the most up to date information on all Columbia courses. SIPA courses are searchable in both the SIPA Bulletin and Vergil. This directory contains information necessary to register for classes including: meeting times, class location, instructor, call number, syllabus, and textbook information.

Course materials & Syllabi

CourseWorks provides students and faculty with the ability to centrally manage course content online. Once a student is enrolled in a course, CourseWorks serves as a single point of entry for course information and content. Students and faculty may access CourseWorks using their Columbia UNI and password. SIPA course syllabi can be accessed through Vergil prior to course registration to aid in the decision-making process.

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Course evaluations

Course evaluations are an important part of being a student at SIPA. You are strongly encouraged to submit a course evaluation for each of your courses at SIPA through CourseWorks. SIPA values your honest feedback about your instructors and your course experience.

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