IAB - June 2019

DEI Resources

Student Resources

SIPA regularly partners with the University’s Office of University Life as well as other university offices to offer Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-related programming, initiatives and accountability.

Community Accountability

Reporting an incident (non-confidential resources)

If you have experienced an incident of discrimination or harassment you can report it to any of the offices below and it will be rerouted to the appropriate office.

Confidential Resources

Columbia has several offices that are confidential and will not file a report. Please reach out to the following offices if you would like to speak with someone confidentially.

Pronouns in Use

Most individuals, including many transgender students at Columbia, use female or male pronouns. Some use gender-neutral pronouns, such as they/them/theirs, among others. Using preferred pronouns provides an opportunity to create an inclusive classroom environment that can facilitate a sense of belonging for all students. We are pleased to share that SIPA, alongside the Mailman School of Public Health and the Columbia Business School, has been chosen by the Executive Vice President for University Life to participate in a pilot program in which students can opt to designate their preferred pronouns in their student profile on CourseWorks.

For more information about Pronouns in Use, please review these FAQs and for more information about the pilot visit Office of University Life.

Inclusion, Belonging and Community Citizenship Initiative

This Initiative is for YOU – Columbia students – to develop skills and tools that are integral to community citizenship at Columbia. The values of inclusion and belonging are central to supporting diversity in all aspects of campus life. In our ongoing commitment to improving the campus climate for everyone, the Office of University Life in partnership with SIPA is launching the Inclusion, Belonging and Community Citizenship Initiative to engage students on the topics of inclusion and the importance of communicating across differences. This iteration of the program is a pilot that runs from September 29 to November 6, and is required for all student leaders at SIPA.

To learn more about the initiative and about options to participate please visit Office of University Life

Community Engagement, Education, and Assessment