Challenge Grant 2024

SIPA Annual Global Policy Challenge

SIPA Annual Global Policy Challenge (the Challenge) is focused on the following themes: (1) Geopolitical Stability; (2) Democratic Resilience; (3) Climate and Sustainable Development; (4) Inclusive Prosperity and Macroeconomics Stability.

Student teams are invited to apply to participate in the annual challenge and come up with innovative ideas that leverage technology and/or data to solve these themes.

Teams must include one SIPA student but may draw from other schools across campus including computer science, engineering, business, public health, etc. In addition, one team will be selected with a specific focus on Brazil. 

Global Policy Challenge Grant

SIPA’s Annual Global Policy Challenge is composed of three (3) rounds of competition. A total of $50,000 will be awarded to the winning teams. Note: Teams must be set up as a legal entity to receive the prize money.

Partners and Funding

Start-up funding for the Challenge Grant Program has been provided by various friends, including the Lemann Foundation. The SIPA Public Policy Challenge Grant Program is produced in collaboration with Columbia Entrepreneurship.

SIPA Courses and Workshops

See SIPA Cyber Courses.

SIPA students are also invited to participate in Columbia Venture Competition events.

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