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Capstone Workshops

A Capstone Workshop is a live consulting project with an external client outside of SIPA. Each workshop partners a team of about 6 graduate students with a faculty advisor. The goal is to provide clients with innovative analysis and practical recommendations, while SIPA students gain experience by working on a real-world problem.

A core requirement for the Master of International Affairs (MIA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), and Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science Policy (MPA-ESP), the workshops give students an opportunity to put learning into practice. Serving as their culminating educational experience at SIPA, students work in teams of 6-8 students under the guidance of an expert faculty advisor to work on a real-world consultancy project with an external client.  

Capstone Workshop – Government of Nigeria

Capstone Workshops

Through SIPA's Capstone Workshops, organizations benefit from the expertise of SIPA students, who have a wide variety of professional and educational backgrounds and who are in the final semester of a demanding, two-year professional degree program at one of the leading schools of international and public affairs in the world.

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Capstone Workshops





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Information for Capstone Students

SIPA Capstone Workshops are available to MIA, MPA and MPA-DP students primarily during the spring semester of their final year. A small number of workshops are offered in the fall semester for students who are graduating at the end of the fall term.

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Information for Capstone Clients

Students from the Masters of International Affairs and Masters of Public Administration degree programs are organized into small consulting teams (generally about six students per team) and assigned a substantive, policy oriented project with an external client.

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