new york fed and columbia workshop monetary policy June 1-2 2022

Central Banking and Financial Policy

This initiative brings together scholars, researchers, practitioners and central bankers from around the world in a unique collaborative effort to shed new light on how central banks and policy institutions can improve the functioning and stability of the global financial system.

The extraordinary policy responses to the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-2009 and Covid-19 have transformed central banking and financial policymaking in the last decade. Financial regulation has been tightened, monetary policy has required new unconventional tools, and financial stability and macroprudential policies have proliferated. Greater understanding, debate, and analysis of these policies are needed so the next generation of global policy leaders can ensure financial and economic stability.

Patricia C. Mosser
Director, Central Banking and Financial Policy (CBFP)
Senior Research Scholar
[email protected]

Faculty and Affiliates

CBFP brings together policymakers, academic researchers, policy experts, students and financial industry participants to discuss important current policy issues and looming financial developments.
CBFP sponsor research papers and projects on topics such as monetary policy, financial stability, financial regulation, cyber risks to the financial system, macroprudential policies, and financial crisis management.
New courses on financial regulations, stability monitoring, macroprudential policy, unconventional monetary policy, and others.