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Room Reservations

Reserve SIPA Spaces

  • The Office of Academic Affairs manages all SIPA classroom requests. Please use the link below to reserve/request a room for one-time SIPA events (review sessions, make-up classes, academic events) and SIPA student group meetings.

    Maximum number of bookings allowed per reservation


    recurring reservations are not allowed

    Time limit per reservation

    2 hrs

    10-minute buffer automatically added before and after the requested reservation time

    Only allow new reservations within this number of days

    1 day

    same-day reservations are not allowed

    Cutoff time to make next-day reservations

    4:30 PM


    Reservable rooms are automatically booked. Requestable rooms will need approval. Requests must be submitted at least three days in advance. Classrooms cannot be reserved during holidays and building closures. The SIPA General Requests template on EMS will be open during the following periods:

    Fall 2023 September 19 - December 11
    Spring 2024 January 29 - April 29
    Summer 2024 TBA
    • Student Organizations: You can sign in using your organization's assigned Columbia email, which will be determined by the Office of Student Affairs.
    • Staff & Faculty: You can sign in using your Columbia UNI by clicking the "Sign In With Your UNI" green button on the log-in page.
    • For other ad-hoc reservations and questions on classroom booking, please contact SIPA Academic Affairs. Please check room availability and provide us with your room and time preference.

    Reserve a Room Check Room Availability View SIPA Classrooms Room Reservations Handbook Email SIPA Academic Affairs

  • To reserve the 6th Floor Cafe in the International Affairs Building, please fill out the Publique Reservation Form on CampusGroups at least two weeks in advance to ensure it is available. Please contact SIPASA for any questions or to request more information.

    Email SIPASA

  • To reserve rooms in Lehman Library or any other Columbia Library, please visit Columbia University Libraries link below. Once confirmed, pick up the key at the Lehman Library circulation desk. Like other library materials, the key is checked out on your library account.



    • TAs are provided at least one weekly recitation time. Should you need any additional space or need to change your meeting times, please contact your supervisory faculty and/or your program director. 
    • Capstone Workshops are provided one weekly meeting time. You may request ad hoc space for client meetings and calls, but regular meetings outside class time should be held in the library or a similar space (e.g., Publique, Zoom). If you cannot get a room from any of these options, please contact the Capstone Workshops team.  

    Library Room Reservations

Reserve Non-SIPA Spaces

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