One of the integral functions of the Office of Student Affairs at SIPA is supporting and facilitating co-curricular activities and opportunities. SIPA students have exciting lives beyond the classroom. The resources on this page will acquaint you with extracurricular activities and services that will enhance your life on campus. A vibrant array of student groups organize programming on a variety of issues in international and public affairs, along with social events and community service. Learn about SIPA networking resources, publications, and campus services that will add value to your graduate school experience.


There are two ceremonies connected to your graduation from SIPA; our own graduation ceremony for graduates of the MPA, MIA, MDP, MPA-EPM, EMPA, MPA-ESP, and PhD in Sustainable Development programs, and the University Commencement where academic degrees are officially conferred on graduates from all Columbia schools.

Student Government (SIPASA)

While the faculty and deans will take the lead in your academic enrichment, SIPASA’s role is to offer a more student-focused experience. SIPASA is your voice, your link to students, faculty, staff and the wider Columbia University, your party starter, and more.

SIPA Speaks

A student speaker series showcasing the diverse professional and personal experiences of SIPA students involving prior employment, community/volunteer/public service, social entrepreneurship, and other topics of interest to the SIPA community.


Morningside Heights neighborhood, which is adjacent to the main campus, is made available to full-time SIPA students through University Apartment Housing (UAH).


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