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Jason Healey

Senior Research Scholar, former White House, Goldman Sachs, Atlantic Council

Erica Lonergan

Adjunct Associate Research Scholar, SIWPS and Assistant Professor at West Point

Tamar Mitts

Assistant Professor at SIPA and Faculty Member, Data Science Institute

Patricia Mosser

Senior Research Scholar and former NY Fed and Treasury official

Greg Rattray

Adjunct Senior Research Scholar and former White House official, former CISO of JP Morgan Chase

Virpratap Vikram Singh

Research and Program Coordinator, SIPA MIA’20

Adjuncts and Affiliates

Elana Broitman

Adjunct Associate Professor

Beth Cartier

Adjunct Professor and director of security at Maven Clinic

Matt Devost

CEO and co-founder of OODA loop, serial security entrepreneur

Daniel Dobrygowski

Adjunct Associate Professor and Head of Governance and Trust at World Economic Forum

Camille Francois

Adjunct Professor and Global Director of Trust and Safety, Niantic

Dan Madden

Adjunct Associate Professor and Principal at Squadra Ventures

Peter Micek

Adjunct Professor and General Counsel for Access Now

Neal Parikh

Adjunct Associate Professor and former Director of AI for New York City

Erinmichelle Perri

Adjunct Professor and chief information security officer at Spotify

Neal Pollard

Adjunct Professor and partner at E&Y

Katheryn Rosen

Adjunct Professor, now at JP Morgan Chase; former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury

Adam Segal

Adjunct Professor, and chair at Council on Foreign Relations (on leave)

Leroy Terrelonge

Adjunct Professor and VP cyber risk at Moody’s

Munish Walter-Puri

Adjunct Professor and Senior Director of Critical Infrastructure at Exiger, former Director of Cyber Risk, NY City Cyber Command

Alexis Wichowski

Adjunct Professor and former Deputy CTO of New York City

Evan Wolff

Adjunct Professor and co-chair of cyber and privacy practice at Crowell & Moring

JD Work

Research Scholar, also Bren Chair at US Marine Corps University