SIPA Graduation


Road To Graduation: Ultimate Checklist

Refer to the checklist below and complete the to-do items to ensure a seamless graduation experience.


icon - check degree status

Check degree application status and verify your mailing address

If you are graduating from SIPA this 2023-2024 academic year, and have not done so already, please be sure to submit your University Application for Degree. Visit the SSOL "Degree Application Status" tab to apply for graduation, and visit the University Registrar's webpage for more information. SIPA's Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will determine whether you have fulfilled all SIPA degree requirements once the degree application is processed by the Registrar's office and all grades are posted. Make sure the address on your "Diploma Address" section under "Addresses" tab of SSOL is correct as diplomas will be mailed to all students in the weeks following degree conferral.

icon - regalia

Purchase Academic Regalia

Full academic regalia is required to participate in graduation ceremonies. All academic attire, including the cap and gown, is ordered through the Columbia University Bookstore. Online orders, to be shipped to the student, can be placed through March 22, 2024. After March 22, you can order directly via the Columbia University Bookstore.  For more information visit Columbia’s Commencement website or contact the Columbia University Bookstore directly at 212-854-4132.

icon - visa letters

Obtain Travel Visa Letters

Students who require invitation letters in order to obtain travel visas for family members should request these immediately from the SIPA Office of Student Affairs (OSA) by completing the Student Letter Request Form via CampusGroups.

icon - request flag

Request Flags (Columbia University or Nationality)

Place requests for flags (Columbia University or Nationality) for University Commencement on May 15. Flags are not available during SIPA’s Class Day ceremony. Students may request only one flag.
DEADLINE: Friday, March 29


icon - namecoach

Record Your Name Pronunciation via NameCoach

Follow the directions previously provided to you via email from NameCoach to record your name pronunciation for graduation (this e-mail was sent to you by ‘[email protected]’ with the subject line 'SIPA 2024 Graduation: Reminder to Record Your Name for the Class Day Ceremony.' Please note that you must record your name pronunciation via NameCoach for graduation even if you have previously uploaded a name recording for Canvas.
DEADLINE: Monday, April 15, 2024

icon - accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations

Students requiring accommodations, including graduates whose disabilities limit their ability to walk or negotiate stairs, should contact Disability Services at [email protected] or via phone at 212-854-2388 (Voice/TTY).
DEADLINE: Monday, April 15, 2024


icon - card and tickets

Fill Out Yellow SIPA Graduation Card and Obtain SIPA Class Day Graduation Tickets

Both Must Be Done In Person, Starting April 3, 2024
Beginning Wednesday, April 3, you can visit the SIPA Office of Student Affairs (OSA) located in 610 IAB (6th Floor) from Monday to Friday, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM (applicable for MIA, MPA, MPA-DP, and PhD students), or you can coordinate with your Program Director (for MPA-EPM, MPA-ESP, MPA-GL, and EMPA students) to complete a yellow SIPA graduation card, which is necessary for participation in the Class Day Graduation Ceremony. 

Each graduate is allowed five (5) guest tickets for the SIPA Graduation (Class Day) ceremony on May 13.
SIPA Graduation (Class Day) tickets for MPA, MIA, MPA-DP, and PhD students must be picked-up at the Office of Student Affairs (starting April 3). Students in the MPA-EPM, MPA-ESP, and EMPA programs will pick up these tickets directly from their program coordinators (please follow-up with them directly for details). A student graduate ticket is not required for students to participate in the SIPA Graduation (Class Day) ceremony (your academic regalia will provide your entry to the graduation ceremony).
DEADLINE: Monday, April 15

icon - commencement

Obtain Your University Commencement Tickets

Online, Starting April 3, 2024
Each graduate is allowed two (2) guest tickets for University Commencement on May 15. Starting April 3, 2024, you may register online to participate in University Commencement. Graduating students will also receive a notification from SIPA with further instructions on how to register for University Commencement tickets.
DEADLINE: Monday, April 15