Event Highlight

Bank Regulation, Capital, Liquidity and Operational Risk

Posted Feb 21 2020
Speaker at the podium


February 14, 2020 | The International Affairs Building


Introductory remarks:

  • Merit E. Janow, Dean, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia
  • William Nelson, Chief Economist, The Bank Policy Institute

Paper Session 1: Micro vs. Systemic Risks

Paper Session 2: Capital Regulation

The Bank Policy Institute Prize for Empirical Banking Research

Paper Session 3: Liquidity Regulation

Panel Discussion on Operational Risk: Emerging Risks, Practices and Regulation

  • Moderator: Patricia Mosser, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs
  • Phil Venerables, Goldman Sachs
  • Carlos Sosa, Federal Reserve Board
  • Andrew Kuritzkes, State Street
  • Filippo Curti, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond


  • Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs
  • Bank Policy Institute