Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Total

Direct Costs

Tuition 29,802 29,802 59,604
Medical Insurance (may be waived by domestic students) 1,400 2,276 3,676
Health Service Fee 610 610 1,220
SIPA IT/AV Fee 110 180 290
University Services and Support Fee 261 531 792
Student Activity Fee 0 60 60
Total Direct Costs (charged by Columbia University) 32,183 33,459 65,642

ESTIMATED Indirect Costs

Room/Board 7,976 10,235 18,211
Books 500 500 1,000
Personal Expenses 1,792 2,241 4,033
Transportation 508 635 1,143
Total Estimated Indirect Costs 10,776 13,611 24,387


42,959 47,070 90,029

Additional Notes

  • Not all tuition and fees have been approved yet by the Columbia University Board of Trustees.  The figures above for Direct Costs are estimates as of August 25, 2020.
  • All students' first semester of enrollment at Columbia University will be charged a $105 Document Fee (formerly known as Transcript Fee).
  • International students must pay:
    • medical insurance
    • $110 per semester International Students Fee
    • $103 I-20 fee only during their first semester of enrollment
  • New students in the MPA-DP program are charged an additional $1,000 in their first term of enrollment, which contributes to the cost of the 12 week summer professional field placement, one week Getting Started Program, and 3 day MPA-DP retreat.
  • Total Estimated Cost of Attendance includes both direct and indirect costs.
    • Direct costs are those charged by Columbia University. The tuition and fees indicated above are for the stated year only. All tuition and fees assume full-time attendance; your costs may vary if you do not enroll full-time.  Additional tuition charges for enrollment in excess of 18 credits in a semester are $2,490 per credit.  For information on billing and payments, please visit the University's Student Financial Services website.
    • Indirect costs are not billed by Columbia and reflect estimated living and miscellaneous expenses incurred by students for the 9-month academic year (September through May only); yours may vary.
    • Figures above do not include the costs of relocating to New York, if applicable.


For Fall 2020, SIPA will reduce the IT/AV fee by $70, just as we did last semester.  We are reducing this fee even though AV/IT-related expenses have increased in conjunction with the continuation of online instruction and programming.   With respect to the student activity fee, SIPA will not charge the $60 fee this semester.  Once again, SIPASA was instrumental in enabling this fee reduction.