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Reapplying to SIPA

SIPA welcomes applications from candidates who have previously applied for admission, regardless of the outcome. Applicants may reapply a total of three times to an individual program. While applicants may reapply after one semester, we strongly recommend waiting one year after their initial application in order to be able to show change and improvement across applications.

Applicants are subject to the same deadlines, fees, and policies as first-time applicants. Review our Applying to SIPA page for details on all application requirements. Application materials from all programs are kept on file for two years.

Some documents may be reused, but all applicants are highly encouraged to submit new, updated materials, if applicable. We expect any updates to be made on your application regarding your studies, employment, test scores, etc.and to submit updated essays for the term to which you are applying.

Reapplicant Essay

All reapplicants must submit the Reapplicant Essay which gives the applicant an opportunity to tell the admissions committee their reasons for applying, and what has changed since their last application. 

This essay can be 400 words maximum, and must answer the prompt: How have you enhanced your candidacy since your previous application? Please detail your progress since you last applied, and address how you plan to achieve your post-MIA/MPA and long-term professional goals.

Application Feedback

Due to the large volume of requests, we are unable to offer individualized feedback to applicants until the summer. You can then reach out to us at [email protected] in order to request a feedback meeting with us.

Prior to your feedback meeting, we would first encourage you to look through our student profile and what we expect in a student here at SIPA.

New Students

My name is Irina and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I studied Economic and Political Development with a double specialization in ICR and UN studies.