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Application Deadlines

Applications for the upcoming calendar year will be available in late Summer. As each degree program has its own application deadlines and requirements, please review the programs' information carefully prior to applying. There is no separate application deadline for international students interested in applying to our programs.

Types of Deadlines

  • Early Action: Those who apply to an Early Action deadline will receive their enrollment decision sooner than those who apply after this deadline. They will receive any funding notifications with the rest of the Fellowship Consideration applications. An Early Action application is not binding.
  • Fellowship Consideration: In order to receive funding consideration you must both apply before the deadline (and ensure all of your materials are submitted as well), and mark that you would like to be considered for funding in your application.
  • Final: The last deadline available for application consideration.


Program Term Early Action Deadline Fellowship Consideration Deadline Final Deadline
Master of International Affairs (MIA) Spring 2024     October 31
  Fall 2024 November 1 December 20 February 5
Master of Public Administration (MPA) Spring 2024     October 31
  Fall 2024 November 1 December 20 February 5
MPA in Developmental Practice (MPA-DP) Fall 2024 November 1 December 20 February 5
Executive MPA (EMPA) Spring 2024     November 15
  Fall 2024   March 31 June 1
MPA in Economic Policy Management (MPA-EPM) Summer 2024 (JJ/WBGSP applicants must apply) November 1 December 20 February 5
MPA in Environmental Science and Policy (MPA-ESP) Summer 2024 November 1 January 15 February 15
MPA in Global Leadership (MPA-GLP) Summer 2024 November 1 December 20 February 15
PhD in Sustainable Development Apply through Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Fall 2024     December 16
Global Public Policy Network (GPPN) For candidates interested in completing their second year of study at SIPA. Only APPROVED international dual degree students who have completed their first year at a partner school may be considered. Fall 2024     February 15

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