SIPA and Columbia University Funding

SIPA funding is awarded without regard to citizenship, and many international students receive fellowships, scholarships and assistantships while enrolled at SIPA. Detailed information about assistance available can be found on the SIPA and Columbia University Funding page.

Private Educational Loans

Private loans offered through banks are another way international students can pay for educational costs while attending SIPA. While many loans available to international students require a creditworthy co-signer who is a US citizen or permanent resident, there are a few options available to students without a co-signer.  Some international students at SIPA borrow student loans from their homeland, and if those are available in your country, you should investigate those resources as well.

Other Sources of Funding

SIPA students are often successful at securing external fellowship or grant support toward the cost of attending graduate school. Many of these funds are described in the SIPA Database of External Grants and Fellowships.  We recommend that you investigate resources available both in the United States for international students as well as funding from your country.

If you are awarded an award from any external source, please notify the SIPA Financial Aid Office so that our records about how you are funding your educational costs are as complete as possible.

Other sites that may be helpful as you plan for your studies in the US:

Student Employment

Assistantship positions are available in the second year and all students may apply by the deadline advertised by the Office of Student Affairs.  Applications open during February of the first year of study.  International students are not eligible for the Federal Work Study program but may work on campus as what is often referred to at Columbia as a "casual employee." The SIPA Financial Aid Office does not administer such jobs, nor can staff assist students in finding work.