At SIPA, we provide access to federal, institutional, and private funding.  Our financial aid staff is dedicated to working with you to assist throughout the application process and help you reach your goals.  Students are encouraged to create a financing plan by the time the enrollment decision is made, and that plan should cover the duration of the academic program. Students’ plans typically include a combination of their own and/or family resources, student loans, and whatever funding they may qualify for from SIPA or external agencies. Financial aid is not available for expenses incurred during summers in which a student is not enrolled in classes.

Note on office reopening: As a matter of your convenience, privacy and safety, we created online office hours, and ask students to make this the primary means of meeting with Financial Aid staff.  Any student wishing to come to our office in person will be asked to make an appointment and must follow all Columbia University and/or NYC health protocols in place.

SIPA & Columbia University Funding

Learn about the types of financial aid in the form of scholarships, fellowships and assistantships available to SIPA students, both from SIPA directly and other funds made available University-wide.

Student Loans & Federal Aid

The SIPA Financial Aid Office staff understands that you are making a significant financial commitment by pursuing a graduate degree at Columbia.  We want to help you make educated choices about student loans as a means of financing your studies.  Please read this section carefully to understand the application procedure, calculating the amount you are eligible to apply for, as well as repayment options, rights and responsibilities.

Financial Aid for International Students

SIPA funding is awarded without regard to citizenship, and many international students receive fellowships, scholarships and assistantships while enrolled at SIPA.

Military Benefits

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces play an integral part in the student life, academic endeavors, and intellectual accomplishments of SIPA and Columbia University.