Our Programs

Our executive training programs are customized to address the specific needs of mid-level and senior executives from countries and corporations around the world. Each program is developed based on an agreement between the Center and the individual client and can be offered on-campus at Columbia or on-location at your corporation.

Your personalized program is created to cover the demands of your company, including:

  • leadership management skills
  • public/private partnerships
  • crisis management and negotiation
  • communication and media relations
  • international trade
  • practices in economic development
  • global and regional trends in the areas of finance, trade, income distribution, social policy, energy policy, education policy, and urban policy

We also design and offer technical assistance and research for public and not-for-profit agencies seeking to improve their current programs, develop new initiatives, or evaluate their performance.



Finance and Economics
In Partnership with The Inter-American Development Bank. This program is designed for the experienced global policymaker from Emerging Market governments as well as international financial institutions.