The Office of Academic Affairs supports the scholarship, teaching, and research of the faculty of the School of International and Public Affairs. In so doing, the office oversees the curriculum, manages procedures for appointing and promoting faculty and research scholars, implements the program of required capstone workshops, supports the Dean’s academic and curricular initiatives as well as Faculty events and meetings, and provides some academic and financial administrative services to faculty.

Hazel May
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs



Academic and Faculty Affairs

Deirdre Brady
Senior Assistant Dean

  • Faculty appointments, searches, and reviews
  • Faculty leave management
  • Research scholar appointments, searches, and reviews


CurriculUM and Instruction

Andrew Johnson

  • Curriculum, academic program, and course planning, management, and logistics
  • Committee on Instruction
  • Instructional and assistantship allocation and resources
  • Grading matters  

Dean's initiatives and faculty affairs

Eric Fillinger
Program Director

  • SIPA Faculty committees and meetings
  • Academic Affairs programming and events
  • Dean's Faculty Grants
  • Grant and Gift funded Dean's initiatives 
  • School and Columbia-wide competitions 

CurriculUM and Instruction

Jennyville Lois Labuga-Rumenik

  • Instructional support
  • Classroom and course scheduling
  • Adjunct faculty office hours

Curriculum and faculty Affairs 

Julie Kearney
Program Coordinator

Dean's Initiatives and faculty Affairs 

Program Coordinator

  • Academic Affairs programming and events
  • SIPA Dean’s Challenge Grant
  • SIPA Lemann Fellows Program

Business administration

Rita Agyiri
Business Manager

  • Visas for faculty and researchers
  • Faculty research accounts
  • Visiting scholar appointments
  • Student hiring
  • Purchase Orders

Business Administration

Alexander Velasquez
Administrative Assistant

  • Faculty reimbursements
  • Student hiring
  • Casual employee timesheets
  • Faculty stationery, printing, & scanning


Business Administration

Karine Lafargue
Administrative Assistant

  • Support for concentration & specialization activities
  • Faculty stationery, printing, & scanning

Capstone Workshops

Suzanne Hollmann
Program Director

  • Program development
  • Client recruitment
  • Project development
  • Faculty recruitment & training
  • Student placement & training
  • Programmatic oversight


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Capstone Workshops

Saleha Awal
Program Coordinator

  • Supporting materials
  • Student application, registration and scheduling
  • Website and budget management
  • Logistics