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2015 Global Digital Futures Policy Forum: Internet Governance and Cyber Security

Posted May 16 2015

The conference was livecast over the course of the one-and-a-half days. The archived footage of each session can be found under each of the tabs below along with a list of the respective speakers. Unfortunately, the dinner keynote discussion on day 1 and the concluding lunch keynote on day 2 could not be filmed as they were closed sessions. 

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Background Papers

Watch the recordings:

  • Day 1: Opening, Welcome and Keynote Discussion
  • Plenary Panel 1: Examining the Future of the Open and Universal Internet
  • Plenary Panel 2: The Future of Multi-stakeholder Internet Governance
  • Fireside Chat with Brad Smith
  • Panel 3A: Human rights, Freedom of Expression and the Internet
  • Panel 3B: Trade, Internet Governance, and Cross-border Data Flows
  • Panel 4A: Privacy, Big Data and the Internet
  • Panel 4B: Innovation and the Internet
  • Day 1: Concluding remarks with moderators
  • Day 2: Opening Joint-Keynote
  • Plenary Panel 5: Mitigating Cyber-risks in Critical Infrastructure: Private and Public Responses for the Financial Sector
  • Panel 6A: Nuclear vs Cyber: Conflict & Deterrence
  • Panel 6B: Cyber-security and the Internet of Things