Mainstreaming Gender Lens Investing in the Financial Sector in Latin America: An Ecosystem Analysis




Spring 2023

Mexico faces substantial challenges in addressing gender inequality within its financial sector. The Capstone team collaborated with Pro Mujer, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial services, healthcare, and education to low-income women in Latin America, to analyze women's participation in the Mexican financial sector and identify opportunities for advancing gender lens investing (GLI). 

The research methodology comprised a comprehensive literature review, updating and identifying new economic indicators impacting women's participation in the financial sector for the Gender Map, and conducting interviews with key stakeholders such as investors, fund managers, and non-profit leaders. The Gender Map, an online platform developed by Pro Mujer, served as a valuable tool for analyzing and updating the economic indicators related to financial inclusion. 

The report revealed that fostering gender diversity and equity through GLI could lead to significant social, environmental, and economic benefits for women, their families, and the broader economy. Recommendations included increasing access to credit for women-owned businesses, promoting gender diversity on corporate boards, enhancing training programs for women entrepreneurs, improving data collection on gender-related issues, and strengthening public-private partnerships. This project adds valuable insights into the challenges and potential solutions for enhancing gender equality and women's empowerment within Mexico's financial sector. By implementing the recommended actions, stakeholders can work towards a more inclusive and equitable financial landscape that supports the sustainable development of the country.