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Democratic Resilience

Contemporary developments in the United States and in other nations threaten the future of democracy. We work to understand and encourage resilience in democratic norms and institutions.

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Building Trust: Election Administration and the Role of Higher Education

SIPA faculty members participated in a recent convening by the Columbia World Projects where a bipartisan group of experts--including secretaries of four US states that played pivotal roles in the 2020 presidential election and top election science researchers planned how universities can help rebuild public trust in the electoral system. SIPA Professor Robert Shapiro assisted in authoring a resulting report titled “Building Trust: Election Administration and the Role of Higher Education.”

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David Dinkins Forum

For over two decades this annual forum has addressed challenging issues that successful urban ecosystems and democracies must contend with--including education, the environment, labor, tourism, incarceration and fiscal crises. The forum is named for the 106th Mayor of the nation's largest city, the first African American Mayor elected in New York City.

Holding the Powerful to Account

Two-time Pulitzer winner Evan Hill MPA ’19 combines traditional reporting with digital forensics.

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