Anya Schiffrin

Anya Schiffrin

Senior Lecturer in Discipline of International and Public Affairs

Anya Schiffrin

International Affairs Building, Room 1319


Personal Details

Focus areas: Media, development, innovation, media in Africa and the extractive sector

Anya Schiffrin is the director of the Technology, Media, and Communications at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and a senior lecturer who teaches on global media, innovation and human rights.  She writes on journalism and development, investigative reporting in the global south and has published extensively over the last decade on the media in Africa. More recently she has become focused on solutions to the problem of online disinformation, earning her PHD on the topic from the University of Navarra.  She is the editor of Global Muckraking: 100 Years of Investigative Reporting from Around the World (New Press, 2014) and African Muckraking: 75 years of Investigative journalism from Africa (Jakana 2017).  She is the editor of Media Capture: How Money, Digital Platforms and Governments Control the News (Columbia University Press 2021)


  • MS, Columbia University, School of Journalism
  • BA, Reed College


  • Natural  Resource Governance Initiative
  • Global  Reporting Center,  University of British Columbia
  • Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Thomson  Reuters Foundation (US)
  • Founder,
  • Media &  Journalism Research Center, University of Santiago (Spain)

Research And Publications

Nov 2020

Forum on Information and Democracy

Anya Schiffrin

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Sinan Aral

Julia Cagé

Ronald Deibert

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Mis-and Disinformation Online: A Taxonomy of Solutions

Jul 2020

Universidad de Navarra

Anya Schiffrin

In The Media

Anya Schiffrin and Joseph E. Stiglitz write on how high-quality journalism has a positive influence on democratic norms, civic engagement, and governmental and corporate accountability. 

Apr 19 2024
Project Syndicate
Technology & Innovation

Anya Schiffrin, and co-author Dylan Groves, write that their research has identified roughly 90 different ways to measure impact, but the reality is that newsrooms usually look at just a few.

Mar 18 2024
Global Investigative Journalism Network
Technology & Innovation

Anya Schiffrin writes that AI companies need quality information, and that news publishers have it. Should they share it, and how much should they get for it?

Mar 18 2024
Technology & Innovation

Anya Schiffrin and co-authors report was referenced in relation to the ongoing dispute between publishers and Google in South Africa.

Mar 06 2024
Money Web

Anya Schiffrin and co-author said: “The tech giants have argued that news is not essential and that publishers are lucky to have their platforms driving traffic to their sites.”

Feb 27 2024