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Business Office

We provide a broad range of financial support services

The Business Office is a unit of SIPA’s Office of General & Financial Administration which serves as the liaison between the University’s Finance Division and SIPA’s students, faculty, staff and affiliated Institutes and Centers.

The office also serves as a primary financial resource for SIPA’s student organizations. We provide advice, guidance, and oversight for funds allocated to the various student groups. In general, student groups’ allocations are determined by SIPASA, the SIPA Student Association, which is the umbrella group for all student groups and it distributes and oversees student groups funding.


Choosing one of these vendors shortens the approving time frame.
The Business Office staff will assist you in processing payment (s).
For a group wishing to support another group’s event or contribute to an activity, the preferred method of payment is a direct charge.


Currently, the University does not permit donations to international organizations not registered in the United States.
Columbia University has introduced SAP Concur, a new travel and business expense management system, which is a web-based and mobile-enabled tool that has replaced paper-based forms.
Columbia University is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt institution categorized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c) (3) organization.
This section has information on eligibility for payments and/or what is considered taxable income for foreign students.
Students groups are encouraged to hold events at venues outside Columbia University. 
Find full and part-time support staff forms, additional pay request forms, and more.

Please, direct questions and feedback to the
SIPA Business Office.