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Elliot's Top Blogs for Conquering the SIPA Application

By Elliot Mur '24
Posted Dec 11 2023

As the deadline fellowship applications approaches (December 20th!) is near, we thought it might be useful to put together a list of useful blogs put together by the Office of Admissions over the years that you might have missed. Hopefully these will not only answer your questions but help strengthen your application. I read some of these blogs myself when applying, and remembered how much they eased the process for me. Just as a reminder, applicants that submit a complete application to SIPA by the fellowship consideration deadline and indicate that they want to be considered for funding will be considered for institutional fellowships and scholarships.

As with all applications, take your time, reread, and ensure that you are putting forward your best work. At SIPA, we seek candidates who are passionate about making a difference and eager to shape global policy and international affairs and thoroughly review all your application materials so make sure to use of all opportunities to showcase your skills and interests!

General Application Advice:

Reminders for the 2024 Application!

Application Advice from an Associate Director

SIPA Students Give Their Application Tips

Application Tips for International Students

Reena's Advice to Structuring Your Application

You have zero chances of getting in if you don’t apply – don’t let imposter syndrome reduce your chances!”

Shally's Recommendations on Applying to SIPA

Application Essays

Tips and Tricks for Conquering the Application Essays

Video Essay

What do you MEAN there's a video essay?!


"What are my chances if I have a bad grade?"

TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge English: Which One Should You Take?

You can waive the GRE/GMAT requirement now. But should you?

Student Life

Jules' Top 10 Must-Take Courses at SIPA

Moving to NYC: An International Perspective

The Trials and Tribulations of a Very Memorable (and Rewarding) SIPA Capstone Project

There are hundreds of blogs to reference, but these are just a few of my favorites! Good luck on your application!