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MPA in Global Leadership Summer Program

The next generation of leaders requires a sound understanding of today’s most pressing global problems. With that goal in mind, the MPA in Global Leadership has designed a 6-week Summer Program that provides students with the necessary tools to effectively address current global policy challenges:

In addition to a sound understanding of these challenges, global leaders need to develop strong communication and networking skills. With the goal of preparing students for successful and transformational careers — in an increasingly competitive professional landscape at the local, national or multinational levels — the Summer Program includes a public speaking workshop specially designed for the needs of mid-career professionals. Also, some students may consider necessary to update their basic economic statistical skills.

Focusing on these complementary goals, the Summer Program has the following three components:

1. Leadership and Global Policy Challenges

Using a distinctively multidisciplinary approach, this class will assess each of the selected five GPCs with world-class experts and practitioners. Students will familiarize themselves with the most current and relevant literature, participate in group discussions, and prepare presentations. Each topic will be covered in one week.

Summer 2023

  1. Geopolitical Stability—July 24–28
  2. Energy, Climate, and Sustainable Development—July 31–August 4
  3. Building Democratic Resilience—August 7–11
  4. Inclusive Prosperity and Macroeconomic Stability—August 14–18
  5. Technology and Innovation—August 28–September 1

2. Taking the Stage: Public Speaking Workshop for Professionals

The demands for a leader are similar to those required of an actor, who must communicate with purpose and passion. Acting and leadership require confidence, creativity, empathy, imagination, authority, intelligence, and emotional openness.

This actor-training workshop is not a traditional training to adhere to some artificial speech “standard,” but a workshop aimed to develop the creative artistry of students as storytellers, to help them bring their unique personal perspective through the voice and body into work.

Students will work towards being able to move and convince audiences, so that the public hears what they have to say. The work in class will begin with learning a basic actor’s warm-up for the voice and the body. Then it will focus on the speaking habits that can either support or sabotage speech. The class will use specific texts as examples of interesting language and rhetorical devices to bring structure and intention to the speech — and lastly, students will be coached on a text of their choice.

Summer 2023—August 21–25

  • Andrea Haring (Enhancing community-building, expression, and communication skills)

3. Economics and Quantitative Bootcamp

Data analysis is necessary for effective leadership and decision-making based on evidence. The Economics and Quantitative Bootcamp will help students revive and sharpen their skillset to better use information on current economic trends, socioeconomic conditions, and policy evaluations.

The Bootcamp will review basic economic concepts, including the welfare effects of different policy measures, as well as simple statistical methods to analyze data. Many SIPA courses during the Fall and Spring semesters require a basic understanding of the concepts that will be reviewed during the Summer bootcamp. This optional component will help students succeed in their studies and make the most of their classes. Students can take an exam in order to assess the need to strengthen their quantitative skills.