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American University of Cairo/SIPA Exchange Program

While at SIPA, students are offered the opportunity to study in Cairo Egypt for a semester at the American University in Cairo. Students can participate in the exchange any time after their first semester of matriculation. It is important to note the following:

  • AUC allows a maximum registration of 12 credits.
  • Students in the exchange program will continue to pay SIPA’s tuition.
  • Credits earned at AUC will be transferred to SIPA as general elective credits. Students who wish to use courses taken as AUC to satisfy concentration/specialization requirements should receive prior permission from the relevant concentration/specialization director.
  • Admission decisions are made by AUC.
  • Students apply during the Spring for Fall matriculation.

Applying to the American University in Cairo

A student must complete the SIPA GPPN application to indicate to SIPA their intent to study at AUC. In addition, students are required to complete AUC’s application for admission. Note: the Graduate non-degree application form is the same as the application form for regular degree-seeking admission.  

Completing the Application

  • Mark “non-degree” in the application form; indicate “exchange” and also the name of the partner university next to “non-degree.”
  • Upload supporting credentials to the online application form where possible. Alternatively, send clear soft copies as attachments in an email to [email protected]. You must indicate your full name and AUC ID number in the subject line of the email.
  • Once applicants are notified by AUC that their application(s) are received, each applicant will be assigned an AUC ID number that needs to be included in all correspondences with AUC from that point onward.
  • Only complete files will be processed: applications that are not completed or test results that are not submitted by the due dates set by the Office of Graduate admission will not be processed.

Please visit the AUC website for complete information on courses, students visas, housing, etc.