Student Spotlight

Student Leader Spotlight: Suane Larissa Bispo dos Santos MPA ’25

Posted Feb 15 2024
Suane Larissa Bispo dos Santos MPA ’25

Suane is Brazilian and the mother of a five-year-old. She is also a legal analyst and lawyer, working in the public sector since 2013 and a Director of Careers at a nonprofit organization since 2020. Currently, Suane is president of the Black Student Union at SIPA. She dreams of a future where equal treatment, access, and opportunities are routine and not a daily demand.

Suane's advice to SIPA students: “Success is subjective; each one has its ruler, so do not compare yourself. Try always to remember why you wanted to be here in the first place so you won’t get lost.”

  • Degree: MPA 
  • Concentration: Urban and Social Policy 
  • Specialization: Leadership, Innovation and Design