Student Spotlight

Student Leader Spotlight: Ronaldo Rodrigues Alves Braga MPA-DP ’25

Posted Jan 24 2024

Ronaldo majored in Social Sciences at the University of Sao Paulo and with an exchange program at Sciences Po Paris. From 2018 to 2023, He worked with various NGOs, including the Lemann Foundation, Instituto Gesto, and Vetor Brasil. During this time, he pioneered the implementation of remedial learning and racial equity projects in more than 25 territories throughout Brazil. At SIPA, He is also the President of LASA (Latin American and the Caribbean Student Association). After completing his degree, Ronaldo aims to gain experience working as a consultant in the USA before running for an executive government position in Brazil.

Ronaldo’s advice to SIPA students: “There is an anecdote about a cup-making tournament where one group was assigned to make only one cup, but it had to be perfect. Another group was tasked to make 1000 cups. At the end of the tournament, the group with only one cup could not finish their work, while the group with 1000 cups improved the quality of each cup they made. The lesson from this anecdote is: Don’t wait for perfect conditions; start, learn, and improve with every attempt. It’s the journey of growth that truly matters.”