Student Spotlight

Student Leader Spotlight: Ronald Joseph Lin MPA-GL ’24

Posted Apr 17 2024
Ronald Joseph Lin MPA-GL ’24

An attorney by trade who has worked within the private and public sectors as well as academia, Ronald came to SIPA last year as part of its inaugural MPA in Global Leadership cohort, comprised of a select group of talented elite mid-career professionals from around the world. Ronald holds the distinction of being the first and only American to have obtained both the LLM and SJD degrees in International and Comparative Law from Zhejiang University’s Guanghua Law School located in Hangzhou, China.

Ronald has worked in government within the offices of his state’s County Executive, US Congressman, US Senator and Governor. Ronald ran for Bergen County Commissioner in Bergen County, New Jersey during the 2021 and 2022 election cycles, becoming the first Asian-American in New Jersey history to attain the nomination of a major political party for a county-level seat. Within academia, Ronald has taught politics, East-Asian history and American law courses at some of the most prestigious institutions in Asia like China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) and Shanghai University of Political Science and Law (SHUPL). Presently, Ronald is part of the adjunct faculty at Fairleigh Dickinson University where he teaches Ethics at the Madison, New Jersey campus.

Along with Linbright International Law Group, a law practice specializing in immigration and international trade law, Ronald also concurrently runs Linbright Consulting Group, a consultancy specializing in strategic services within the business, political, educational and media sectors. Lastly, Ronald is also the founder and host of Real Talk With Ronnie, one of the fastest growing political podcasts in New Jersey which aired on Salem Radio, one of NYC’s biggest radio stations, whose guests include statewide and federal office seekers from both sides of the political spectrum as well as well-renowned influencers and thought leaders from around the world.

Ronald intends to utilize his SIPA degree to continue to effectuate positive social change and is confident that the valuable educational lessons gained at SIPA will add to his already rich experiences and credentials as he potentially explores a future run for political office to implement some of the important public policies and initiatives spearheaded in the SIPA classrooms.

Advice to SIPA students: Having the opportunity to study at SIPA and learn from such renowned and distinguished faculty is such an extraordinary privilege and honor. Furthermore, to have the ability to do all this within NYC, the center of the world in terms of clout, power and international culture is just icing on the cake. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience for most individuals who have this opportunity so make sure to take every advantage you get, explore all the museums and hot spots and most importantly, make those crucial connections. Finally, you’re the author of your own story— always write it your way. Be bold, brave and unafraid— always!

  • SIPA Campus Involvement/Leadership Position(s): APAC Board Member - Events Chair
  • Degree: MPA
  • Concentration: Global Leadership