October 20, 2016

SIPA Students of Color (SSOC) and SIPA’s Alumni of Color Steering Committee hosted a successful joint networking reception that drew 60 guests to the IAB’s Kellogg Center on October 13. The event reflects a new initiative to develop collaborative programming in the months ahead.

At the gathering, current students interacted with both recent graduates and alumni who attended SIPA decades ago. They bonded over shared experiences and common struggles and discussed ways to broaden the pipeline of students of color in the professional fields of public policy and global development.

“It was very meaningful to hear Dean [Merit E.] Janow and Mayor [Michael] Nutter speak on issues of diversity on campus and make a commitment to supporting underrepresented students,” said Tiffany Chang MPA ’17, SSOC’s vice president.

Members of the Alumni of Color Steering Committee worked with SSOC’s executive board to organize the event. Those who took part said they look forward to many more activities intended to foster community and outreach and to accelerate the careers of alumni and current students alike.

“The reception was a great and much-needed event that allowed us to make connections with alumni we otherwise might never have met,” said Ayanda Francis MIA ’17, SSOC’s finance chair. “I look forward to continuing this engagement and will definitely be involved in the newly formed steering committee after I graduate.”