August 13, 2014

Isabelle Plessis MIA '15 has received a Canadian Fulbright Student Award for her project, “Reacting to the Democratic Deficit of Globalization: Domestic Political Reactions to International Economic Policies in Canada and the United States." Isabelle's studies focus on local responses to globalization and global economic processes. Her research will center on the implications of global business, supply chains, and economic policies on domestic actors in the United States and Canada.

Isabelle received her undergraduate degree in Honors Political Science and International Relations at the University of British Columbia. There she received some of the University of British Columbia’s top graduating student awards, including the John H. Mitchell Award, the Wesbrook Scholar designation, and the Martha C. Piper Award for Global Citizenship. Her undergraduate thesis, “The Politicization of Sino-Soviet Relations: Chinese Economic Engagement in Zambia, Tanzania, and Kenya,” was published in the UBC Journal of International Affairs. Her professional experiences have included work at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, at UNESCO in Paris, and at Apple, Inc.

Interested in the intersection of globalization, development, economic policy, and political empowerment, Isabelle's professional goal is to promote responsible international economic and business processes that empower local stakeholders while promoting equitable global integration and growth.

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