July 21, 2017

Policymakers, analysts, government officials, and business leaders alike must know what’s happening in the world and be able to discuss various issues intelligently.  Expressing viewpoints and knowledge effectively is important, but equally essential is the ability to ignite discussions and pique others’ interests.  Whether aiming for a new career, promotion, or simply retaining your job, it is vital to make a memorable connection with those you meet, especially at conferences and roundtable panels!

Taught by Professor Shimabukuro MPA-EPM students ended their summer Professional Development course with panel debates on current global economic issues to put into practice their presentation skills, content knowledge, verbal and nonverbal delivery.  

Panel 1: The Current World Economic Situation - do you see a major global financial crisis in the next decade?  

Panel 2: The US Economy Under Trump - are current US policies likely to lead to a strengthening or weakening of the dollar? 

Panel 3: The Global Liberal Order - Why are there so many protests against the global order, such as those at the recent G-20 meeting? Do you agree with any of their criticism? 

Young Cho (MPA-EPM'18): "I was in great need of developing my public speaking skills and soft skills which under Professor Shimabukuro guidance I feel I have improved this summer. In the past my apprehension of public speaking was overwhelming but the professor's constructive feedback was very encouraging and greatly helped me acquire the tools and confidence to be assertive when speaking in public. Professor Shimabukuro personal story of how she overcame her fears was also very inspiring. Public speaking skills are often ignored in most institutions but is essential in career development and effective policymaking." 

MPA in Economic Policy Management (MPA-EPM), formerly known as Program in Economic Policy Management (PEPM),  focuses on providing policymakers and professionals a curriculum that encompasses both the quantitative rigor of economics and analytical rigor of application through the intensive study of actual economic policy successes and failures. MPA-EPM is a one year MPA program geared towards mid-career professionals, sipa.columbia.edu/epm / [email protected]