December 3, 2020
Congratulations to the 20 SIPA students and five SIPA alumni selected to join the Presidential Management Fellows Class of 2021!

This year’s SIPA-affiliated finalists include current students Rebecca Bonner MIA ’21, Kirill J. Buskirk MPA ’21, Mackenzie Crow MIA ’21, Ryan M. Dahm MPA ’21, Harris Engelmann MPA ’21, Heather M. Garcia MPA ’21, Joseph A. Garcia MPA ’21, Melanie Gouthro MIA ’21, Ellen A. Jacobs MIA ’21, Kristy S. Kwon MPA ’21, Margaret A. Mannix MIA ’21, Shannon McKenna MPA-DP ’21, Maya Navabi MPA-ESP ’21, Andrew Nguyen MIA ’21, Andrew H. Poling MPA-ESP ’21, Erik Rubinyi MIA ’21, Charles D. Saad MPA-ESP ’21, Paul Schaffner MIA ’21, Kyle Staron MIA ’21, and Amanda M. Waldron MIA ’21.

They are joined by alumni Ryan Gwinn MPA ’19, Kirsten S. Holland MPA ’19, Dorothy M. Lutz MIA ’20, Jiyoon D. Shin MPA ’20, and Daniel White MPA ’20.

The selectees represent all six MIA-MPA concentrations as well as the MPA-DP, MPA-ESP, and EMPA programs.

As in past years SIPA excelled in the assessment process; the 25 students and alumni chosen comprise the largest such group in recent memory, and represent more than 70 percent of the 35 PMF finalists selected from Columbia University.

The prestigious management program received 6,800 applications overall, and ultimately chose 551 finalists — approximately 8.1 percent of applicants. All told, the 2020 selectees represent 77 different disciplines and 153 academic institutions worldwide; almost 10 percent are veterans.