November 21, 2012

Economist Jan Svejnar has been honored for his long record of distinguished work with a 2012 Neuron Prize from the Prague-based Nadační Fond Karla Janečka (NFKJ), or Karel Janeček Endowment for Research and Science.

Svejnar, the James T. Shotwell Professor of Global Political Economy at SIPA and director of the Center on Global Economic Governance, is one of six prominent Czech physicians, mathematicians, and economists recognized by the foundation this year. NFKJ established the awards in 2010 to restore the tradition of Czech sponsorship in these fields.

Svejnar was one of two honorees for lifelong achievement, a recognition considered to be the Czech Republic's most prestigious for science. In announcing the prizes — which were given at a November 15 ceremony at Charles University in Prague — NFKJ said:

“[A] Neuron 2012 award for lifelong achievement goes to economist Jan Švejnar, a world-renowned expert on the strategy of economic transformations. After 1989, Professor Švejnar recommended that Czech political leaders initially create a strong legal framework before they can privatize state enterprises. But at that time politicians did not accept his advice and as a result, corruption and infiltration of business interests in politics are the sad legacy of that period.”

Original announcement [in Czech]

Interview with Jan Svejnar [in Czech]

- posted November 21