Ana Maria Aristizabal teaches Impact Investing at SIPA. Ana Maria has extensive experience structuring financial solutions for infrastructure and government projects. Moreover, she has a track record of developing and executing business strategies that yield social returns.

Ana Maria is passionate about education as a solution to inequality & poverty. As a person from a modest background she has attained success and international recognition thanks to her education. Nowadays, she focuses her energy on bringing finance and business expertise to enable traditional and innovative forms of education. Ana Maria is part of the leadership team of KIPP Bay Area, where she leads the organization’s growth strategy and executes new markets development strategies. Ana Maria has served on the board of several private social enterprises and non-profit organizations. She lives with her husband and son on the west coast.

Ana Maria received a Bachelor’s degree from Externado University in Colombia, a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from SIPA and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the Broad Residency in Urban Education.