Tristan DuPuy

Tristan Du Puy

PhD Student

Tristan DuPuy

Sustainable Development

Personal Details

Tristan is a fifth-year PhD student in Sustainable Development. His research interests lie at the intersection of industrial organization, labor, and environmental economics with topics such as the impact of market competition on agricultural productivity, or the monopsony power on the US agricultural labor market and how it impacts the allocation of "climate" amenities (protection from heat, access to water, ...). 

Prior to joining Columbia University, Tristan earned a Master's in Economics (Paris School of Economics), one in International Relations (Sciences Po Paris), as well as a Bachelor's in Philosophy (University of Paris 10 - Nanterre), law (University of Paris 1 - Pantheon Sorbonne) and political sciences (Sciences Po Paris). He also studied mathematics for three years at Sorbonne Université.