Timothy Goodspeed

Timothy J. Goodspeed

Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Timothy Goodspeed

International Affairs Building, 11th Floor


Personal Details

Timothy J. Goodspeed is a Professor of Economics at Hunter College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University. He has also been an Assistant Professor of Economics at Florida International University (1990-1994), an economist in the Office of Tax Analysis of the U.S. Department of the Treasury (1986-1990), a Visiting Researcher at the Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada (FEDEA) in Madrid, Spain (1991), and a Visiting Professor at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (1992-93). He has consulted for the OECD in Paris, France. He has also visited at the University of Rennes I (France) and at CESIfo (Germany), where he is a research network fellow, and is on the editorial board of Urban Public Economics Review. His research relates to taxation, intergovernmental fiscal relations, state and local public finance, tax competition, and international taxation including the tax treatment of multinational corporations, transfer pricing, and the location of foreign direct investment (FDI). He has published widely in journals such as the Journal of Public Economics, European Economic Review, International Tax and Public Finance, Regional Science and Urban Economics, and the National Tax Journal, among others. He is currently working on research projects relating to publicly provided disaster insurance, government savings decisions, and how politics shapes policy outcomes in these areas; global tax competition; and the impact of government policies such as taxation, infrastructure spending, and business climate on location of FDI.