Medeiros, Marcelo

Marcelo Medeiros

Senior Research Scholar of International and Public Affairs

Medeiros, Marcelo

8th Floor, International Affairs Building

Personal Details

Marcelo Medeiros studies social inequality. He has training in Economics and Sociology. He currently is visiting professor at Columbia University. He was researcher at Ipea, professor at the University of Brasilia and taught once a year at UNSAM - Buenos Aires. Marcelo was also a researcher at the International Poverty Centre - UNDP, served as a policy expert at the Brazilian Audit Court (TCU) and as an adviser for the Brazilian National Science Council (CNPq). He held visiting appointments at Princeton University, the Yale Law School - New Haven, University of California, Berkeley, Sophia University - Tokyo, CNRS - Cermes3 - Paris, the Institute for Human Development - Delhi, Indira Ghandi Institute - Mumbai and CSC - Cambridge University. Prof. Medeiros won the Fred L. Soper Award of the World Health Organization for best study in public health, 2012, the National Treasure Prize for studies in Public Sector Economics 2012 (3rd place), the Anpocs prize for best Brazilian PhD Dissertation in Social Sciences 2003, a Senate Medal for studies in development in 2000 and an award for best study by undergraduate students at the 1993 Eneco. Prof. Medeiros has authored, co-authored, and edited numerous books, book chapters and peer-reviewed articles in the areas of social inequality and mobility, demography, health, education, poverty, development theory, and disability and social protection. He is a member of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science.

In The Media

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Aug 07 2023

In the new episode of Unpacking Latin America podcast, María Victoria Murillo and Marcelo Medeiros discuss Conditional Cash Transfer programs addressing the role of conditionality on their political support & their positive effects on reducing poverty.

Jan 24 2022
Columbia | ILAS