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SIPA’s Resources for Helping You Find Your Dream Job

By Davira Chairunnisa '24
Posted Feb 26 2024
SIPA Alumni-Student Private Sector Career Night, October 2023


Getting a graduate degree can help us advance in our careers or even pursue a career shift. Even though the degree could boost our credibility, one could say that finding jobs after graduate school is still challenging. SIPA provides resources to support students in developing and maintaining a fulfilling career in a range of fields, regardless of their professional objectives. The Career Advancement Center (CAC) equips students with the skills they need to effectively manage their professional development throughout their careers through career advising, a professional development course, career events, recruitment and employer outreach programs, and networking opportunities. One of the greatest perks of the CAC is that you will have lifelong access to the services available to you!

Let’s see how these resources will benefit you during your time at SIPA! 

  1. SIPA Connect: SIPA Connect is a platform developed by SIPA for students and alumni to access about 7,000 jobs and internships that CAC posts annually. Students looking for an internship are highly encouraged to use this resource to learn from the experiences of past students completing their internships. Furthermore, students and alumni can gain a better understanding of potential future opportunities by researching the kinds of positions that particular organizations have previously posted. I personally think it is a powerful platform to help us find job opportunities and reduce the information asymmetry between applicants and potential employers.
  2. CAC Career Advisers: The job search strategy, resume and cover letter reviews, career advice, and general career information are all provided by CAC career advisers to students and alumni. Along with encouraging professional communication and interpersonal skills, CAC career advisers administer MBTI assessments and hold mock interviews for students and alumni. During my second semester, I consulted with them for my cover letter to secure a summer internship, and they were very helpful in assisting me in revising my cover letter. I recommend booking a 45-minute advising session with CAC career advisers! You can do it through SIPA Connect on the appointment menu. 
  3. SIPA Career Coaches: SIPA Career Coaches provide direction to both current students and alumni who are considering different career options or are looking for information about specific areas of interest. You could inquire about insights specific to your industry, the most recent developments in the field, suggestions for getting started in a certain industry, and other advice concerning your job search. Up to three 30-minute coaching sessions may be scheduled by interested students and alumni each semester. You should contact CAC directly if you are interested in participating! Aside from career coaching, there are DEI mentorships with alumni available too, which PA Joey ’22 spoke about his experience with his mentor here.
  4. CAC Events: The CAC hosts several career panels and seminars over the academic year to assist students with their professional development and job/internship hunt. Typically, these conferences concentrate on particular career trajectories, like consulting, UN employment, international development, investment banking, or humanitarian work. For instance, every winter break, CAC holds the Washington DC Career Conference, which brings current students to Washington, DC, and hears about job opportunities in the area from professionals and SIPA graduates. Additionally, to support students in strengthening their professional abilities, navigating the job and internship search process, and advancing their careers overall, CAC provides a variety of extracurricular workshops led by professionals from the industry, working SIPA alumni, and CAC career counselors. 

Be sure to utilize SIPA’s available resources to help you advance your career or pursue a career transition after SIPA. I wish you the best of luck!