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February 5th Deadline Reminder

By Brianne Kain
Posted Jan 24 2023

The Final Deadline for MIA/MPA/MPA-DP is quickly approaching on February 5th. This deadline is for anyone interested in a Fall 2023 start for the MIA/MPA/MPA-DP program. 

Here are some reminders for completing your application from someone who is reviewing and processing applications daily:

  • The final application deadline for Fall 2023 is February 5th, 2023 at 11:59pm EST.
  • Please keep in mind that February 5th falls on a Sunday, which means our office will not be open the day of the deadline. I encourage you to try to complete most of your application prior to the deadline to allow yourself time to ask us any questions. If you experience technical difficulties, please email [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible at the start of the business day.
  • We are offering virtual and in-person information sessions through February 3rd. If you have questions about your application, I recommend stopping by one of these sessions to learn from one of the Associate Directors of Admission. You can check out the upcoming ones here.
  • Two reasons students don't often complete their application is because of their letters of recommendations and the video essay. Keep in mind that your letters have to be submitted on your behalf; you can check your admissions portal to see if they are submitted but I highly recommend checking in with your recommenders to make sure it is in on time. The video essay is the final component of your application (after you submit your application AND pay the fee.) Additionally, do not wait until 11:59pm on 2/5/23 to do your video essay! It can take some time to process your video essay on our end so please allow yourself 30 minutes for your video essay to show as received.
  • Use this blog! There is almost a blog for everything on here and you may find some incredibly helpful information while finishing up your application.

In the next 10 days leading up to the deadline, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. You got this!