This collection of case material is designed to serve as an educational companion to the Columbia University Press publication: Social Value Investing, A Management Framework for Effective Partnerships. Cases are listed below, along with short introductory videos, developed in partnership with Columbia’s Picker Center for Executive Education

The cases in this collection present research, interviews, and filming from on location across Afghanistan, Brazil, India, and the USA, and include on-the-ground perspectives of the issues discussed throughout the book. Each case is comprised of a 12 20 minute video documentary, additional filmed interviews, a written academic case, and suggested assignments. Professors may login here for teaching notes and other supplementary material.

What's important about this book is that it brings the technical perspectives to life through specific case examples from around the world.

Howard W. Buffett, Coauthor


Below are preview videos of the cases featured in Social Value Investing. For access to the full video and written case material you must enter an access password, which is the last word in the ninth chapter of the book.

Partnership for parks Cold open


Partnerships for Parks An exploration of the successful cross-sector partnerships of the Central Park Conservancy and the Highline in New York City. This case highlights collaborative leadership, and asks whether privately run public spaces can work as a model to be followed elsewhere. Click here for access to full video and written case material (password required).

21st Century Digital India Cold open


21st Century Digital IndiaAn exploration of the world’s largest digital inclusion program, built on cross-sector partnerships between government, private business, and community. This case asks whether digital tools can help bring millions out of poverty though this decentralized model. Click here for access to full video and written case material (password required).

Revitalizing Afghanistan_cold open_05.24.18


Revitalizing AfghanistanRural Afghanistan is for many a “perfect storm” where warfare and poverty combine to undermine development. This case asks whether a very different approach to aid, built on local community empowerment, can pave the way for success. Click here for access to full video and written case material (password required).

Telemedicine and eDoctors Cold open


Telemedicine & eDoctors – Web-based technologies offer promising opportunities to improve health services and lower costs. While the US is held back by legal and policy barriers, the spread of “tele-medicine” in India is an exciting experiment bringing online medicine to the masses. Click here for access to full video and written case material (password required).

Citi services across Brazil cold open with graphics_ 060418


City Services across BrazilIn Brazil, a newly industrialized country whose democracy has been rocked by corruption and scandals, a group of private sector leaders have banded together to help new mayors and cities make their public services more effective and accountable. Click here for access to full video and written case material (password required).

Big Data for Public Safety Cold open


Big Data for Public Safety – This case examines the use of "Big Data" and technology in the delivery of public safety services in New York City. It provides a look into the adaptation of predictive performance measures from the NYPD to the FDNY with the goal of fire prevention. Click here for access to full video and written case material (password required).

The cases prove the rule. Multiple continents, multiple examples, where each case plays out the social value investing framework in real life.

William B. Eimicke, Coauthor


See below for further information and training on the case method and its techniques. For access to a database of nearly 100 additional Columbia University Case Consortium produced case studies and their accompanying material, please click here.

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