At SIPA, we have designed an academic advising partnership that gives you exposure to as many administrators and faculty members as possible to assure your successful matriculation. During your time at SIPA you will have three primary advisers whose goal is to help you navigate the curriculum and successfully complete your degree. 

After you are accepted and you have paid your tuition deposit, students in the 2-year programs will be assigned a Dean from SIPA’s Office of Student Affairs whose primary responsibility is to advise you on the Core requirements and to connect you to both SIPA and Columbia resources.  Students in the MPA-DP, PESP, MPA-EPM, and EMPA program will be advised by designated staff members from each program.

Academic Advising Staff


The SIPA Bulletin is the School of International and Public Affairs’ official catalog of courses, degrees, degree requirements, and policies.

Degree Requirements

The curricula of SIPA’s seven degree programs all combine training in analytical methods and practical management skills to ensure that graduates are prepared to understand problems and implement solutions. Students combine these core skills with a focus on a policy area of their choice, and they typically engage in a practice-oriented capstone or workshop experience toward the end of their studies. 

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in a language other than English is a graduation requirement for MIA students and EPD Concentrators. Proficiency is defined as the ability to read, write and speak the language at the Intermediate II level.

Advanced Standing Policy

Students who make arrangements for advanced standing based on graduate degrees completed before enrollment at SIPA may reduce their period of study to three semesters of full-time enrollment.

SIPA Policies


Academic Advising Checklist

Questions to ask yourself in your first semester.

Advising FAQ