Workshop Agenda


Breakfast & Registration


Welcome & Introduction

9.10am - 10.25am

Plenary 1: Governance and Platforms in the Digital Age

10.35am – 11.50pm

Plenary 2: International Trade in the Digital Age

12.15pm - 1.15pm

Lunch Session: Crypto-Economics: The Macro Effects of Digital Private Moneys and Payment Systems

1.25pm – 2.40pm

Session 1A: Antitrust in the Digital Age

Session 2A: Internet of Things and Governance in the Digital Age

2.50pm – 3.05pm

Reporting back from the breakout sessions

3.10pm – 4.25pm

Plenary 3: Digital Identities, Privacy and Security Issues

4.35pm – 5.50pm

Plenary 4: New Technologies, Elections and Online Advertising

6pm – 8pm

Cocktail Reception