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Support for Students

IT services for students are geared to supporting their curricular needs at SIPA and supplement CUIT provided email and LMS/Canvas services. The Client Services team is responsible for providing laptop support for SIPA students, both for Windows and Mac systems with English language operating systems only. While SIPA IT does not require students to purchase any particular model of laptop, the laptop must meet the minimum requirements. Given below is a summary of the IT services provided by SIPA IT versus CUIT.

Video Conferencing for Students

SIPA IT Services

510 International Affairs Building (IAB)
212 854-0112

[email protected]

  • SIPA Network ID for the term they are registered at SIPA
  • mySIPA Citrix Portal
  • Laptop Support (for Software related issues on English Operating System)
  • SIPA Computer Labs
  • Printing in SIPA Labs on the SIPA network
  • Software – Microsoft Operating System and MS Office
  • Software – Think Cell
  • AV Services for the SIPA eRooms
  • AV support for SIPA Student Groups


CUIT Services

202 Philosophy Hall
212 854-1919

  • UNI
  • LionMail
  • CourseWorks/Canvas
  • WiFi/Ethernet infrastructure
  • CUIT Computer Labs
  • Printing in CUIT labs (restricted quota)
  • Software – Antivirus, SSH, FTP, etc.
  • AV Services for the CUIT eRooms
  • Web hosting



Who has access to the SIPA lab?

Who do I contact about my e-mail account?

Lionmail is managed by CUIT. For email related issues, please contact us at:
202 Philosophy Hall
212 854-1919


Is there Internet connection in SIPA classrooms?

Free WiFi is available throughout IAB. Users can also download Columbia Secure WiFi software for a secure connection.

How do I request AV services in a classroom?

AV services can be requested online at least 2 days in advance for a SIPA class in the IAB. The form may be found and submitted online here. Please contact CUIT for AV services outside the building and in CUIT-controlled eRooms (403, 410, 417).

Who can I contact for password reset or printer issues?

Please contact a consultants in 510 SIPA Computer lab.

Who can I contact for laptop support?

Please visit the 510 SIPA Computer lab to schedule an appointment or email to [email protected].

How can I continue to get software downloads from CU?

Software downloads are subject to your maintaining an active student status at SIPA. Current students and dual degree students can download software from the Microsoft student software portal. These include Microsoft Office, Operating System, Symantec anti-virus programs and all programs on the CUIT web site. Software downloads are only available to current students.


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Requires CUIT UNI account for authentication