Remote Access to the SIPA Network via Citrix

Access to the SIPA network on personal devices is available through Citrix for faculty and staff. Users are required to take a training before they are given access to connect remotely via Citrix. Uers should contact [email protected] to arrange training and access.


Remote Access to CU Resources

Users can access CU resources from their personal system using the CU Virtual Private Network (VPN).

VPN is a program that encrypts data before it is sent across a network. While the wired campus network has built-in security measures to protect data, VPN must be used in instances where security for data traveling across the non-wired network is required or accesing the SIPA Network.

IMPORTANT: Remote Desktop is not supported at all by SIPA IT. It is a very insecure method of connecting back to the Columbia network. VPN is currently the only supported method of accessing assets on the SIPA IT network from a remote location.


All users on the SIPA network are subject to the SIPA IT Computing policies in addition to the CUIT policies. Users should familiarize themselves with SIPA IT Policies and Procedures. Please remember not to save any sensitive or confidential data to your personal system as per university rules and regulations. If a program requires hard drive encryption, the policies apply to home/personal systems. Each user is responsible for compliance of these rules.

Download and Installation of CUIT CISCO VPN (Current faculty and staff of Columbia University are eligible to download.)

If you are unable to solve the problem yourself, refer to one of the following: