Software Available for Faculty and Staff


Rate Card for additional billable SIPAIT Services for
faculty. researchers and non-SIPA or affiliated clients


Charges as of  July 1, 2013

Purchase of Hardware &/or Software

At cost price. SIPA IT will provide free consultation and facilitate purchase of equipment, software and peripherals.

Computer Setup

$80 per hour for SIPA IT purchased equipment including network setup & software.

IT Support

$80 per hour for SIPA IT purchased equipment; IT  support for 15 minutes is at no cost. Minimum charge is in 30 minute increments.

Network Access

$25 per month for staff with10 GB per user space on the SiPA network and back up of network data. $10 per month for student staff ID with access only to shared network drive.

Network Access: Additional Shared Disk Space

$20 per month per 10 GB of space.


SIPA IT will update virus definitions, system and software patches and network related updates at no cost.

CUIT Connected Backup

$54 annual cost per user for non-SIPA staff with 2% annual increase by CUIT.

Security Equipment and Accessories

At cost price.

Any Specialized Software

At cost price.

Special Projects, such as creating an eRoom

Request project quote

AV Services Refer to AV section