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Support for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Audiovisual services are available to SIPA students, faculty, and administration in the SIPA electronic classrooms (eRooms), self-service rooms and Kellogg Center in the International Affairs Building (IAB). These services are billable for events, special projects, and non-SIPA users. Livestreaming, Facebook Live and video recording services are available for events during AV business hours.  

Users must request training for regular use of the equipment in a SIPA eRoom. All reservations must be made at least two business days in advance for AV support. Once SIPA AV has received a request and scheduled the job, a confirmation is sent to the requestor. For additional information or questions, please contact [email protected].

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Can I use my laptop in SIPA e-rooms?

The hyflex setup in each of our SIPA eRooms does not allow for laptop to be connected at the ePodium. A laptop or a tablet may be used as standalone unit.

Can I show a video in my class?

Yes, our eRoom PCs include a DVD player as well as VLC Player and Windows Media Player. Currently, our e-rooms do not support Blu-Ray. If you need to play a Blu-Ray disc, please contact SIPA AV.

What software is available on SIPA e-room PCs?

Each SIPA eRoom PC supports MS Office suite, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome browsers, and VLC player and Windows Media player for multimedia, Zoom Video, and Skype are available for web conferencing. In addition, Citrix receiver is available for access to the SIPA network. To request additional software, please contact SIPA AV.

Can I do a video conference in a SIPA e-room?

Yes, all SIPA eRoom PCs have a webcam with built-in microphone as well as access to Skype and Zoom video. For more info on video conferencing, please visit our Video Conference page.

Does AV provide presentation clickers and/or Mac adapters?

In addition to the equipment provided, you may check out presentation clickers or adapters for Mac or USB-C at the SIPA IT helpdesk. You must leave your CUID with the helpdesk and it will be returned to you upon return of the equipment.