SIPA Cloud Environment

This document serves as a guide for Columbia SIPA Users to install Citrix Workspace App and access the Virtual Desktop Cloud Environment.

mySIPA, located at, is a private cloud computing solution, which allows you to run software remotely without actually having that software installed on your own computer.  You can access this system from any place, at any time, and from any Windows, Mac, Apple IOS, and Google Android devices.

The software will run on remote servers at SIPA but will display on your own device in such a way that you can interact with it just as though you had installed it locally.  It is easy to use since you can open and save files stored on the mySIPA Network.  In addition, you can print to the SIPA on-campus network printers or to your locally connected printer.

SIPA students can receive assistance in room 510 IAB SIPA lab. Password resets require students to present their CUID in 510 IAB. For queries, students can call the SIPAIT Help Desk at (212) 854-0112, or email [email protected].

Available Software & License Limitations

License information

All the software on mySIPA is for university academic work only.  Additional Software and Downloads are available through CUIT free of charge at

Session Timeout

For security and to ensure that a copy of the software is available when you need it, sessions will disconnect after 15 minutes of inactivity.  You will be redirected to your disconnected desktop if you log back in within 2 hours and No work will be lost. To prevent loss of work, save often!

Password Policy

Please note that your password must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Must be at least seven (7) characters in length
  • Contain at least one uppercase or lowercase alphabetic character
  • Contain at least one number or punctuation or symbol character (! @ # 0 ^ & * ( ) _ + | ~ - = ` { } [ ] : " ; ' ? , . / , etc.)


Note: If you receive an error message after changing your password, it means the new password either did not match or did not meet the above minimum standards.

File Storage and Disk Space quota

mySIPA uses the Windows “My Documentsfolder as the main storage. Data stored in “Documents” folder and “Desktop” are backed up every evening. Request for file recovery should be submitted [email protected].

  • · Please do not to save any sensitive information, such as tax returns, credit card statement, social security, or any confidential data on the system. A system scan will automatically remove such data on regular basis.

  • Do not store audio or image files on the network unless they are class related.  All video media files must be saved to personal removal media.

  • Do not backup files from your personal computer onto the network. 

Permission to Save/Retrieve files on removable USB, SD card, computer, and supported personal devices can be accessed via the Citrix drop down menu at the top of the display. Note that this not supported when using the Light version of Citrix Receiver.

Windows OS:

Mac OS:


Working with mySIPA (Windows) | Working with mySIPA (Mac) | Printing from MySIPA